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Active cellular immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer

SentoClone International is a clinical stage company developing one of the most promising technologies in active immunotherapy against cancer. We are focusing on the immune system´s strongest defence in detecting and combating cancer – activated T-cells. Our proprietary technology builds on a unique approach where CD4+ T- helper cells, highly specific for the patient’s individual tumour, are extracted from the tumour’s draining lymph node (the sentinel node) and cultivated ex vivo in a GMP production facility before returned to the patient by one single infusion. During cultivation, the T-cells are stimulated with growth factors and re-activated with antigen from the patient’s individual tumour.

We are based in Sweden and in China. More than 200 patients have been treated with the SentoClone technology without significant side effects.

Our vision is to become the global leader in adoptive immunotherapy for cancer based on the ex vivo cultivation and activation of T-cells. We are developing our SentoClone® technology to a unique, individually designed and effective cancer therapy without significant side effects for patients all over the world.