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We are developing SentoClone® as a concomitant therapy to established anti-tumour therapies. Due to its unique safety profile, SentoClone® is a suitable candidate for add on treatment to most chemotherapeutic or biologic anti-cancer drugs, provided that the complete regimen includes a surgical procedure targeting either the original tumor or a metastasis. Common for virtually all cancer therapy today is that dosage has to touch maximum tolerated toxicity level to achieve improvements. Therefore, we do not view SentoClone® as a competitor to most standard or emerging cancer therapeutics but as an opportunity to increase efficacy with no extra toxicity added. In many combinations there are also a probable biological synergism between SentoClone® and other products.

SentoClone’s vision is to become the global leader in autologous active cellular immunotherapy against cancer based on the ex vivo cultivation and activation of T-cells, the regulator cells of the human immune system.