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Some of the scientific articles and theses that have been published on SentoClone® are presented below.

Karlsson M, Marits P, Dahl K, Dagöö T, Enerbäck S, Thörn M, Winqvist O. Pilot study of sentinel-node-based adoptive immunotherapy in advanced colorectal cancer
Ann Surg Oncol 2010 Jul;17(7):1747-57. Epub 2010 Jan 30.

Dahl K, Westlin JE, Kraaz W, Bergkvist L, Winqvist O and Thörn M. Identification of sentinel nodes in thirty patients with colon cancer and followed for 30 months
Eur J Surg Oncol 2005; 31:381-5

Baner J, Marits P, Dahl F, Nilsson M, Winqvist O, Landegren U. Analysis of TCR Vb gene repertoires after immune stimulation and in malignancy using padlock probes and microarrays
Clin Chem 2005;51:768-75

Marits P, Karlsson M, Sherif A, Thörn M and Winqvist O. Detection of immune responses against bladder cancer in sentinel nodes
Eur Urol 2006;49:59-70

Marits P, Karlsson M, Dahl K, Larsson P, Thörn M and Winqvist O. Sentinel node lymphocytes: tumour reactive lymphocytes identified intraoperatively for the use in immunotherapy of colon cancer
Br J Cancer 2006;94:1478-84

Three dissertations have been published about SentoClone®:

Kjell Dahl, Södersjukhuset (PDF, requires Acrobat Reader)

Mona Karlsson, Karolinska Institutet (PDF, requires Acrobat Reader)

Per Marits, Uppsala universitet (PDF, requires Acrobat Reader)