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SentoClone® is an adoptive immunotherapy based on T-cells collected from tumour draining lymph nodes, sentinel nodes.

We are focusing on the immune system´s strongest defence in detecting and combating cancer – activated T-cells. Our proprietary technology builds on a unique approach where CD4+ T- helper cells, highly specific for the patient’s individual tumour, are extracted from the tumour’s draining lymph node (the sentinel node) and cultivated ex vivo in a GMP production facility and returned to the patient by one single infusion. During cultivation, the T-cells are stimulated with growth factors and re-activated with antigen from the patient’s individual tumour.

As the process takes place ex vivo, the cells are protected from the suppressive influence of the tumour and receive optimal conditions to multiply and enhance an efficient secondary immune response. After transfusion back to the patient, the cells will search for sites of inflammation caused by proliferating tumour cells and, upon recognition, induce effector cells of the immune system to attack and kill the tumour cells.

Evidence indicates that the technology also generates a powerful long term immunologic memory where T-cells are patrolling the body in a process called immunosurveillance. The expectation is that this will result in a sustained response against tumour cells and in the best case it may result in a vaccination effect against cancer. Once new tumour cells are discovered, a secondary immunological attack is generated against them to protect the body from recurrence of cancer.