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Development program

We are a biotech company in phase II clinical development and with a number of options for advancing our technology through phases II and III. We are preparing for phase II trials in advanced renal cell cancer, urinary bladder cancer and colon cancer. Other indications explored are malignant melanoma, where we have an MPA approved phase II protocol on hold, ovarian cancer, head & neck cancer and mesothelioma.

We are pursuing the development programs together with our parent company Jiangsu Sinorda Biomedicine Co, Ltd. in China. Planning and protocols are led from Sweden, but clinical development and early clinical research will to a large extent be performed in China where conditions are significantly better in terms of availability of research material and recruitment of patients. Following a technology transfer program, the first patient was treated by Sinorda in China in October 2011. As of March 2013, more than 100 patients with colon or gastric cancer have recveived SentoClone® treatment in China.